KM Arts Club is an initiative started by Krup Music Record Label and Film Production house to bring the artists and art lovers under one platform where everyone can learn and progress in their professional journey. Club members will have FREE entry to 6 events by Krup Music in a year.


  • Workshops, guidance and proper training to market themselves.
  • Networking opportunity with other artists and industry professionals.
  • Grooming and performance opportunity by Krup Music.
  • Special movie premier shows by Krup Music.
  • Discounted entry to KM Talent Hunt show.
  • Discounted rate for music and movie production.
  • Discounted rates with our partners.

Membership fees: INR 1500/Year. After registration, you will get a call from company for payment procedure.

Registration Form

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The membership is by invitation only. Members will get exclusive benefits to Krup Music events and many other discounts.

I accept membership into KM Arts Club and agree to abide to the rules. I understand that membership is not valid until approved by the management. Company has all rights to cancel the membership at any time for any misbehavior or harmful activity by member.
NOTE: The membership is by invitation only as of now. Do not pay anyone to be a member. Thank You.